Random words of wisdom about Unschooling and our 10 seconds of fame

 As many of you know our little family got 10 seconds of fame this week by being interviewed for the Good Housekeeping Magazine.  I have to say I was a little excited and worried that this would be another piece on how awful unschooling can be.  To my surprise, Caroline did an amazing job and was a very positive piece.   My Kids Don’t “Do” School and I’m Okay With It However, I wanted to Continue reading

Disney Top Life learning lessons teens can learn

Disney is one of those places that you love or hate, and sadly most of the people I know do not like it at all.  We LOVE Disney and think it is the most magical place on earth.  The girls have earned more and more freedoms at Disney.  I constantly talk about the education and learning potential at the ‘Happiest Place on Earth’. Disney Top Life learning lessons teens can learn. Keep a budget We Continue reading