Cleaning Monday – Swimming Tuesday

Monday we actually started by reading 6 books, the girls each read 2 books and I read the next chapter in the 2nd Harry Potter book.  I forget how much information is in the books compared to the movies.  Love Harry Potter!  I decided the house was a huge mess so today became cleaning Monday, I basically ordered the girls around and we all pitched in to get the house nice and pretty. The girls and Continue reading

Strawberry Lemonade Smoothy

What you need: Strawberries pink lemonade concentrate 1 can water 2 glasses of ice blender 2 helpers Have your helpers cut the tops off strawberries – this may need adult supervision – up to you put strawberries in blender put pink lemonade concentrate in blender add 1 can water add 2 glasses of ice blend and enjoy!!

Oatmeal fun balls

What you need peanut butter chocolate chips oatmeal almonds granola honey a happy child eager to help We tried to crush the almonds – didn’t work so well We then put almonds in a blender to chop them up – worked great Add the whole container crushed almonds, chocolate chips, granola pieces, and oatmeal – split in half add a half jar honey to the first one  – mix scoop up and big amount and smoosh all the Continue reading