What to make with Duck Tape – purse

What to make with Duck Tape? What to make with Duct Tape, that is the big question today. The first thing the girls wanted to do is find something they could decorate, so why not start at the Good Will. The girls found a bunch of purses, wallets, a vest, and I found some boots. I bought a bunch of the fun duck tape at AC Moore on sale a couple of days ago. We Continue reading

Vertebrates – Invertebrate different Homeschool Zoocademy

The girls went to their very first zoo class at Jacksonville zoo.  The Homeschool Zoocademy for students ages 5-18, covering a range of topics in Biology, Zoology, Environmental Science and Conservation. They had a ton of fun and her is a list of some of the things they learned today: The kids started by learning the difference in vertebrates and invertebrates. They learned about water and pollution and  how it affects animals. The kids visited in the butterfly garden (which was all the girls Continue reading

What do friction with socks, fire, and government have in common

What do friction with socks, fire, and government have in common when you Unschool? When you are Unschooling sometimes you learn about things that have nothing to do with the other like socks, fire and the government. Those are the things the girls learned about today. American Government First we stared off with a library movie about American Government made by Disney. The girls leaned how are government came to be, why laws were made and Continue reading

Pinhole Camera

If you haven’t already make your pinhole camera to see Venus eclipse…. It started at 3 eastern time and 6pm on west coast. We looked up the kids NASA website to learn about Venus. I went on google and found a teacher website on how to make a pinhole camera. What you Need to make a Pinhole Camera: 2 Toilet rolls Wax paper o Stapler Black paper and Scissors Rubber bands a pin tape Step 1: Continue reading

How can you tell if it is a boy horseshoe crabs

How can you tell if it is a boy horseshoe crabs? This is the one of many questions the girls asked. Today we went to Oatland Island and the fee to enter was free. There were lots of volunteers to teach about the wetlands. We learned about crabs, sharks, and fish. The kids learned that boy horseshoe crabs have boxer gloves on their front legs. They use there back legs to dig and move the dirt, they have gills, Continue reading

A math game with diving sticks

A math game with diving sticks. An hour of swimming and practicing math. Yep, this is how we get tested on our math. Play games and see who gets the answer first, oh yea and swim at the same time. The game was for speed. First, take two diving sticks, throw them in the poolYell out a problem.  We were practicing multiplication tables. Second, Person 1 has to answer the question, correctly, then everyone jumps in Continue reading