Spelling, spelling spelling

Ok, we didn’t do spelling all day but we did  spelling most of the day. The elves on the shelves got the Bananagrams Game going last night, so we decided to barrow some of their letters and do our own scrabble game. We first came up with lots of christmas words, tried to spell them, game to race and spell them, and we Mac came back while her sister was playing with something else and do Continue reading

How to play Pool Scrabble

Summer Un schooling days requires you to look at learning in a whole new light.  Pool scrabble is a fun way to get the kids out side, get some good competition and have a lot of fun learning.  We came up with this idea after visiting a campsite that had a huge scrabble board on the lawn and Munchy wondered if we could do it in the pool. There are several ways to play this Continue reading

Banana Scrabble

Banana Scrabble… What a fun game, we made up our own rules and did it a little different.  We used the first grade and second grade spelling list and used that to make our scrabble board.  The girls had so much fun trying to make words and make the words line up, and what a great way to do spelling. Guitar lessons  –  McKenzey has started guitar lessons and is so excited – so far Continue reading