Penn Farm at Cedar Hill State Park

Does anyone remember “Green Acres”?  I used to love that show and watched it all the time with my mother. Penn Farm at Cedar Hill State Park is nothing like “Green Acres” but it made me think of it while we where were visiting because this family was sure out of their element. Penn Farm at Cedar Hill State Park shows how life really was back in late 1800s, how hard it was to till Continue reading

San Antonio Riverwalk with a little history at the Alamo

This is our second time visiting San Antonio, Texas because it reminded us of our hometown Savannah, GA.  We loved the historic areas downtown and the Riverwalk and of course its history.  We were only here for a couple of weeks but tried to visit our favorite places first.  So if your ever have the opportunity to visit historic San Antonio these are the two places I would visit especially with your kids. The first of course Continue reading

Hike to Riverwalk and the center of San Antonio

Staying in a big city is always a challenge trying to find inexpensive way to entertain the kids and find things you can do that won’t break your bank.  Tour and a hike to Riverwalk are always a good inexpensive way to see a town. A lot of times a google “what to do with kids in XX city” and many websites pop up.  My favorite websites are Trip Advisor, and Road Tripper  and those cute Continue reading

SAS Factory Tour in San Antonio Texas

SAS factory tour

If you are visiting San Antonio and can only visit one thing, then don’t miss out on the SAS Factory Tour.  Not only is this tour FREE but you also get to visit the old General Store that is adjoined to the factory.  I was amazed at how many steps that go into making these handmade, comfortable shoes for our older generation, and people with ankle and foot injuries.  The tour takes you through each Continue reading