How to make Homemade Rock Candy

Candy science is one of my favorite science activities. Making rock candy is easy to make and can easily double as a science experiment. The process may take several weeks depending on how big you want your crystals. Kids love watching the crystal grow as they form on the stick and especially love to eat the finished product. We turned out candy science into a science activity by making our rock candy with three different Continue reading

Bike, play – Rock candy

We started off the morning with riding bikes Mac was leading the way…. So she decided we needed to go play at the playground… 2 miles Then 2 more miles home… For science 2nd try for Rock candy First we read about crystal, how there formed, etc This is our second try to make rock candy and… Spoiler alert…. It worked! What you need… 2 cups water 6 cups sugar… Ratio 3:1. Works best Big Continue reading