Volvo safe texting commercial

We are going to be in a 30 second car commercial that airs the end of this month. Basically one of the salesman, Mike, play the person that is texting and veer into our lane and hit us head on, but because we are in a Volvo we are safe and happy. We had to shoot 2 hours worth of film at all different angles to get just 30 minutes. The girls thought we would Continue reading

River street -Tara boat

Today we went down to River street to see the Tara ship that came into Savannah. It was really, huge science boat. The boat was aluminium on the bottoms and had non slip material that’s on race boats over the whole deck. We thought it was a lot bigger up lose but there was no one down on the dock to answer our questions and explain what they were doing. Isabelle had about 50 questions Continue reading

Exploring marsh

Today we were going to go and see the Tera Oceans ship come into River street, but the girls decided they rather take a bike ride instead and go on Sunday with daddy. Sunday we may be able to get on the boat and talk to the scientist and go to the candy store. I think the real reason they want to go on Sunday is they really want to go to the candy store. Continue reading

River street

The other day we went down to River Street to do an art treasure hunt.  It was a lot harder than I thought it would be, we had to find each letter in an object along River Street.  Believe it or not but S and N were the two hardest letters to find – so N we gave up and just took a picture of someone else art work – I think they guy did Continue reading