Let the Summer Madness Begin

Diamond Lake

Summer Madness you say, what crazy shenanigans could the McIntyre’s be getting into this summer.  Well for one we are camp hosting or volunteering at Diamond Lake State Park.  Which means we will be in one spot for six months. This also means I will probably only post once a week since the internet is almost nonexistent here. Camp hosting or volunteering in a State park in a National Forest is a pretty easy job.  You answer Continue reading

Random France questions

The girls finished the 3 projects I gave them on France.  This time they had to answer random question that I came up with about France.  I was thinking it would teach them how to look up stuff on the internet and find the answers.  I believe it’s one of the most valuable skills kids can learn, I am not so concerned about memorizing dates, names and events, because they find what they are looking for Continue reading

brain quest workbook

We did more workbooks pages…. Mac had to read a story and then answer several questions, which she needed some help on but did pretty good and then she did math word problems.  Belle did 2 pages on ending sounds of words.  They worked on there Ipad for a bit and then we went to the library. After we got home we watched BIll Nye the Science Guy – this time we watched a video Continue reading