Happy 10th Birthday

We had Munchy’s 10th birthday party with all of the Ghoul Scouts today at our house. I was told at least 20 times today that this was the best birthday ever!!  What makes a successful party, have something that the kids can blow up.  We started our day off by making cupcakes, and cinnamon rolls out of croissants.  Then we play Disney monopoly and cleaned the house a bit.  We started the party with Oobleck, which Continue reading

Christmas Day Unschooling

Well,  maybe not much learning today, but man did we have fun!!! Santa was really good to us. Santa brought a whole lot of clothes, shoes, beds, a bath tub, and a cooking set for our 18″ doll.  We also got Kenix from Granny, and Real Flight for a remote control airplane. Aunt Nancy sent us plaid shirts and jeans which we have worn everyday since Christmas, and we got some coloring books.  Nana sent us Continue reading