Unschooling is fun school get kids to enjoy learning

We started Unschooling a year and half ago and love it. The kids love it so much that we don’t call it Unschool we refer to it as Fun school.  The Girls and I have grown a lot since the first day. I asked myself many times if I was just crazy, can I keep doing this, what the heck was I thinking. Don’t kid yourself I still ask myself those same questions but now I Continue reading

diving sticks, swimmers, pool

A whole hour of swimming and practicing math. Yep this is how we get tested on our math…. Play games and see who gets the answer first, oh yea and swim at the same time. The game was for speed…. Take two diving sticks, throw them in the pool Yell out a problem, we were working on multiplication, Person 1 has to answer the question, correctly, then everyone jumps in the pool and get the Continue reading