How to create a tiny ART studio for an RV

How to create a tiny Art studio for an RV? Living in an RV has a lot of challenges especially when you like to do crafts with your kids, have an art business or you just want a desk where you can work.  The first step is to find an area in your small home that is big enough for a desk or table.  I knew I needed a craft area so we chose a Continue reading

Unschooling Rules for Art on the Road

Unschooling Rules for Art

Unschooling Rules for Art on the Road really has no rules at all because the goal of unschooling is to do what interests the child.  When you talk about Unschooling Rules for Art on the Road there really is only one rule.  If your child is interested in art like my youngest daughter then get lots of art supplies that will fuel their interest. One way to make it easier on you as a parent Continue reading

Art Day with mom. What can be more fun?

clay monster high animals

A whole art day filled with making art and spending the day with the best mom in the whole world.  Hugs and Munchy have been using all of their spending money buying Monster High dolls and accessories to go with them.  Munchy decided that her dolls all needed friends, so she thought she would make some out of polymer clay.  She told me what she wanted to make and I helped her find a picture on Continue reading

More cute pens for sale

polymer clay pens for sale

Munchy has been working very hard on her clay.  She has made four more new pens that she designed and made completely by herself.  She actually found a book I had with all my clay stuff and used that to help design her pens. She gets up every morning and works on her clay.  Learning a skill that you can use later in life is what unschooling is all about.  She has a little business Continue reading

Polymer clay Pen Art – MACbelle Little creations

Today was an easy fun day just doing art! Our favorite thing about unschooling is we can do art all day.  Today we made a corn and carrot clay pens out of polymer clay. MACbelle Little Creations We are selling our clay pens for $5 each and plan to make more in the coming days.  This is our Etsy website MACbelle Little Creations  

Unschooling with Wright Brother’s jeopardy and making Lamp work beads

Everyday Unschooling is different and filled with adventures.  I don’t make educational plans but sometimes the girls come up with great ideas.  We started our Unschool day with Belle announcing we were making lampwork beads. Then the girls wanted to learn about flying and the Wright Brothers. My first thought, what the heck our lampwork beads and how our we going to make learning about Wright Brothers fun. Polymer Clay Lapwork look-alike glass beads The Continue reading