Bird house – clear back observation


I am so excited about the new bird house we got, a bird house has a clear back. It attaches to the outside of the window and once a mama bird makes a nest and lays her eggs we can watch the babies from inside the house ( how cool is that). So far no mama bird have checked out our new bird house but I think it’s too early for nesting. I am thinking of getting 2 more just for fun, but I might wait till next season to see if it works. The best part of putting up Continue reading

Cows taste best covered Pam

We entered a poem contest that the library was holding and you could win a $50 gift card to Target.  You had to write the poem on one page no more than 20 lines, use 5 words from a list they gave you, black or blue ink, typed and four copies.  The part Belle didn’t like is that you could have no pictures submitted with your poem, so she made a clay dragon for her poem. So wish the girls luck – we should know by end of October if they won! Sam I have a dinosaur named Sam. Who Continue reading

Homeschool class – Jacksonville Zoo

Homeschool class at Jacksonville Zoo Yesterday we went to a homeschool meeting at the Jacksonville zoo. They are offering a class for homeschooled kids to come learn about plants and animals once a month. It’s a 3 hour course that starts at 9am and goes until 12pm. The start options are Tuesday (start sept 4), Wednesday(Sept 5) or Thursday (Sept 6). Classes are the first week of each month. The kids are separated by age groups, 5-6 year olds, 7-9 year olds, 10 – 11 years old and 12 – 18 years old(independent study for older kids). The classes will Continue reading

watercolor flowers-chimpanzee

Here is a really neat project to do with the kids… water-color flowers You need: water-color paper flowers fresh or dryed spray bottle full of water extra paper hammer First get some fresh flowers at the grocery store spray your water-color paper with water Next lay out your flowers – either pull the pedals apart or just lay down the whole flower stem and all set the other piece paper on top – this is optional  – the girls did this at first Get your favorite hammer and start ponding and finally you end up with a really cool water-color picture Yesterday Continue reading

Telephone – botanical gardens

The botanical gardens are so beautiful at this time of year, we went today and McKenzey took some really awesome pictures of the flowers around the garden. We watched a movie about the telephone…. “The way things work”. It was a cartoon that talked about communication. We did a couple videos on what they remembered and how the telephone worked. These are little hard to hear…. We also watched Bill Nye the science guy on evolution… Which we did not do a video on but we read a very small book on bears… enjoy

Bamboo garden

The girls and I went around and checked out places that we could have McKenzey’s birthday party. So we went to all the playgrounds in savannah and parks. Well not everyone just 3 and then to the Bamboo garden. We want to do a scavenger hunt/ chase a leprechaun. We picked the bamboo gardens and since we were there checking the place out I decided it would be a great time to learn something. The gardens have over 140 varieties of shade and sun-loving bamboo. We also looked the butterfly garden, camellias, and irises, unfortunately none of the flowers were Continue reading

Book review mushrooms

Last night the girls thought it would be fun to read a book before bed and in the morning they would do a review on what they read. McKenzey read a biography on Sacagawea, she only read the first 7 pages but I was just happy she has started reading on her own. Belle read I love you my little Bunnies, she read to her stuffed toys and dolls and said they loved the book so much that they wanted her to read it again tonight. We also read our library book on mushrooms. This time I mixed it up Continue reading

Typing typing typing

Man did we do lots of typing, the girls finished typing there menu today and then had a lot of fun playing with the font. I think they printed 10 different copies, but all that’s left is to cut them out glue them to the board and then decorate. We have two babies now. I am so happy and the roots on the first plant are huge. I had the girls replant the other two seeds so now we are growing all beans… I guess will see what happens. Michael read the third chapter on Lincoln about the civil war. Continue reading