Pinhole Camera

If you haven’t already make your pinhole camera to see Venus eclipse…. It started at 3 eastern time and 6pm on west coast. We looked up the kids NASA website to learn about Venus. I went on google and found a teacher website on how to make a pinhole camera. What you Need to make a Pinhole Camera: 2 Toilet rolls Wax paper o Stapler Black paper and Scissors Rubber bands a pin tape Step 1: Continue reading

math just science

I recently read an article on my Uncle Tom’s Facebook page… It basically says in a nut shell that maybe we should wait to teach our kids math till they are in sixth grade. I know your thinking are you crazy – the standards say we should do blah, blah, blah. Well I thought the same thing till I read this article and you know I think they have a point. So take look Continue reading