Unschooling Science: Beam me up into space, Scotty


Learning about science is fun especially when you beam up into space. We took a new high-tech space ship around all the planets. The kids even got to fly meters from the sun.  We lost power, our robot got all crazy, and we hit one of Saturn’s many asteroids. We actually visited the Georgia Southern planetarium and did a free show.  It started off with a phone call and NASA asked us to do a mission Continue reading

Children Museum and planetarium.

First thing this morning….Fashion show….This young lady and her friend are both wearing cowgirl clothing. In this fashion show, second model is wearing a cowgirl outfit while her friend is in a Belle costume… This afternoon we went to the Children Museum and the planetarium. They loved the Children Museum but were not too impressed with the planetarium. They both fell asleep, but Michael and I loved it.  The best room was the room all about Continue reading