Fairy house

Have you ever wanted to make a fairy house? Well today we did and it was so much fun. The girls made fairies with pipe cleaners, a bead for the head, silk flowers for the skirt, and embroidery thread for the hair. The girls got really creative with their fairies, they made babies, and even one holding an umbrella. We used furniture that we had made a couple of months ago and decorated a hallow tree along the bike path. Then when we got back the girls watched The Tinkerbell Movie for research. We also finish our science project and Continue reading

Pipecleaner rollers

I couldn’t find my soft rollers that you can wear in your hair overnight. So we came up with a very cheap, very inexpensive way to roll you hair and keep them in overnight. The secret item…… Pipe cleaners, any color, but the soft kind, not sparkly pretty ones. Get your stack of pipe cleaners, and freshly washed hair. Roll the hair around the pipe cleaner. Twist the pipe cleaner at top and around hair so it’s flat against the head Do whole head, and just pull out in morning, make sure you save for art project. Whyalla curly hair Continue reading