2nd Week Full Time Families Summer Scavenger Hunt

It is the 2nd Week Full Time Families Summer Scavenger Hunt. The fun does not stop this week because we have another 26 crazy pictures to take. This week we have gotten our neighbor to help us. She is a sweet girl who is 10 years old and lives two campers down from our site. She has been at our house every day since we arrived. This is actually nice because the girls have been kept entertained. They also Continue reading

Fulltime Families Summer Scavenger Hunt

This is the second week of the Full Time Families Summer Scavenger Hunt. We are in the middle of doing a scavenger hunt along with lots of other families that travel full-time. This is a picture scavenger hunt so you can do it from anywhere. The cool part is you don’t have to be traveling in a little house on wheels.  You could win $250!!   Who couldn’t  use a little extra cash right?   First Time Playing? Continue reading

Dragon Speech Reconition

  We found the coolest app for the Ipad and bonus it’s only $1.99!!  We tried Dragon Dictation which is free but you can’t print with that app.  Voice Dictation – you say what you want to write and then send it to book app that let you edit the text and then print it off.  The girls loved it so much we started on our History Scrapbook.  I figure it’s the future of how Continue reading

hang pictures without damaging your walls

How do you hang pictures without damaging your walls? Every picture my child makes is an art masterpiece. I have had the hardest time trying to find a way to hang pictures without damaging the walls. Thumbtacks make tiny little holes and are sometimes really difficult to get out of the walls. Wall putty leaves some weird residue on the walls that you can’t make disappear without painting. I even tried a string from one wall to Continue reading

River street

The other day we went down to River Street to do an art treasure hunt.  It was a lot harder than I thought it would be, we had to find each letter in an object along River Street.  Believe it or not but S and N were the two hardest letters to find – so N we gave up and just took a picture of someone else art work – I think they guy did Continue reading