A week learning about Darwin and see tall ships again

We started our day by going to Pickney Island and on the way, I started reading Charles Darwin’s biography. Michael and I got new walking sticks, so we wanted to try them out.  Charles Darwin talks about the evolution of animals. So, this helped the girls come up with lots of questions about animals, how they are related and how they are not. How animals could have evolved and why some animals still look the Continue reading

Pickney Island National Wildlife

We went to pickney Island and oh did we get lost – OK really we just went down the wrong road and got to the end and decided we should turn around – took us an extra hour to get home but Isabelle thought we were lost and never going to get home … We saw a fiddler crabs and chased them all over the dried up pond- we saw lots of birds and a baby alligator.  Then we Continue reading