Our experience riding the light Rail or RTD in Denver

The Denver Tram or “RTD” is one of the cheapest and most exciting ways to get to the center of Denver, Colorado.  This was super exciting for our kids because they have never ridden on a tram system and the experience was one of a kind.  It is a great way to see the city and it’s out lying areas and get there without the hassle of parking, and  traffic. Luckily we were staying at Cherry Continue reading

Dallas Zoo: What your favorite animal?

What is your favorite animal?  I love the giraffes and their majestic necks, hubby loves tigers (white tiger is his favorite), Huggs loves tortoises and Munchy loves watching the otters play in the water.  I always have mixed feeling about zoos and the upkeep of animal enclosures.  I am torn because I think wild animals should be free, but on the other hand many of these animals could be extinct if not for people that Continue reading

Walk Through Time in Georgetown, Kentucky

When you walk down Main Street in Georgetown, Kentucky, you can imagine what it looked liked when it was first established in 1775.  You can still see the beautiful architecture, amazing brick and stone work, and the hustle and bustle of the town. The town was called Lebanon when first settled by Rev. Elijah Craig but was renamed to honor George Washington. Its huge growth started when the Toyota plant opened up in early 1980s. Georgetown Continue reading

Unschool Zoo science and around the world

Reid Park Zoo was small but had a many animals throughout the zoo.  It was fun seeing live animals after spending the day at the Sonora Desert Museum. We enjoyed reading the signs about each animal and I enjoy quizzing the girls about certain facts to see if they remember from the last zoo. I didn’t take a lot of pictures this time because Munchy and Hubby got to practice some photography.  She is really Continue reading

We learned how to read a map and practiced photography

Moving day is coming up so we thought the girls would enjoy learing how to read a map.  Moving day is when we move our 41 ft, 5th wheel to its next spot, sometimes this takes two days and sometimes only a couple of hours. Right now we are at an elevation of roughly 3400 feet in Roswell and want to get a little lower to get away from the potential of snow, freezing rain Continue reading

Photography 101…What the best way to learn something new?

photography 101

What is the best way to learn something?? Google it and teach yourself. Ok we all know the traditional way of teaching: decided what you want to learn find out how much it is to learn it find a teacher then see if I can I fit it into your schedule The old teaching methods are a thing of the past and with unschooling I am teaching the girls if you want to learn about Continue reading