Paris Day 7 day 8

Last day in Paris or last day in France with our cousins. We tried to go the Ile de Sieck to take a walk, but it was raining too bad so we only got out of the car for a few minutes. Today we saw the Grande Cairne de Barnénez, a prehistoric site. Not very interesting for the girls, but we adults liked it. This site is the largest Megalithic mausoleum in Europe, lying at the top of Continue reading

Paris France day 6 – ride home

Relaxing Day at the Beach – back from Paris France Today we rested because we were so tired from visiting Paris France.  We had 5 whirlwind days of visiting as many sites as we could, the weather was rainy and cold but everyone had a great time.  The girls loved seeing there French cousins and seeing all the neat stuff we had studied about before we came.  The girls didn’t get to say a lot Continue reading

Paris Day 5 – Visit to Versailles

The next morning we got up early and went to Versailles. We had a long wait in line so the rest of us went to see the gardens while Gaelle and Mom held our place in line. Once inside we listened to the audio guide while walking through. The kids were able to wiggle their way in front and see the chapel and we saw portraits of the 3 Louis’s who lived there. We learned about Continue reading

Paris France Day 4 – Notre Dame

The next morning we woke up and went to the Musée d’Orsay. We got there by 11am or something like that and the kids were pretty hungry after a couple of hours in there. The girls had a good exposure to the impressionists, Monet’s haystacks and the Cathedral of Rouen which he painted over and over again in different lighting at different times of day. McKenzey especially liked a very large Water Lillies painting by Monet. We Continue reading

Paris France Day 3 – Eiffel Tower

Day 3 – on our way to Paris France On Friday the 2nd, we took the train to Paris, France and got there at 11:11. Since the hotel was right next to the train station, we stopped in and left our bags and went on to the Eiffel tower. We got a good bit of rain. Just as we got up to the ticket desk, they put up a sign saying that the top was Continue reading

France Tour in Brest Brittany

The France Tour The France tour really began with a trip to Brest, Brittany(France) which is about an hour away from Moraiax, Brittany and is right on the coast. The girls and their cousins visited the aquarium in Breast, called the Oceanopolis Marine Aquarium.  They loved going from aquarium to aquarium looking at the vast array of sea life that the ocean has to offer.  More amazing still is when you realize that not everything in Continue reading