I love science field trip Friday

I love science field trip Friday, it’s The third Friday of the month. In the morning we go to science class with the savannah homeschool group (SUHN), lunch, playground, art class, trip to HH, see daddy, mini golf, and finish with dance party at Island Playground. 4H science class was all about turtles. The teacher told us about the parts of the turtle, the different categories of turtles, all the kids got to touch turtles, Continue reading

Bamboo wind chimes – Fathers Day

We walk around the campsite a lot and talk to all the old people and people on real vacation.  The girls found a guy cutting down some of his bamboo and asked if we could have it. I found a project online to make a bamboo wind chime . The girls and I went to Lowe’s and got a saw and a drill for fathers day.  I decided that we could test out the drill Continue reading

Saturday – Art Fun Day

Art fun day started with doing much of nothing but we did manage to do a lot of art. We painted a ceramic dog and cats that we got at Joanne’s.  We put a puzzle together, and most of the day we played this really fun game on the Wii that is a haunted house spy game with puzzles and stuff. This is a 1930 Ford that Mr. Havarty has in the warehouse where Daddy works, and Continue reading