Frida Kahlo – homeschool art projects

Art Projects for homeschooling included taking an art class from scribble art studio where we are doing a segment on Meet the masters.  This week we learned about Frida Kahlo and why she did so many self portraits and how she was able to have an exclusive show at the Louvre in Paris France. The girls were so excited because they have actually been to The Louvre in Paris France, and began telling everyone about Continue reading

Brain Pop educational video for homeschool

Little Belle’s favorite class is art class and now we have combined that with a little history by watching some you tube videos. I really love what the art teacher is doing by having the kids paint the masters.  I also just signed us up for brain pop. If you haven’t heard about Brain Pop you should definitely check it out. It has over 700 educational videos with games and quizzes. Heck, I even watched some Continue reading