Unschooling is fun school get kids to enjoy learning

We started Unschooling a year and half ago and love it. The kids love it so much that we don’t call it Unschool we refer to it as Fun school.  The Girls and I have grown a lot since the first day. I asked myself many times if I was just crazy, can I keep doing this, what the heck was I thinking. Don’t kid yourself I still ask myself those same questions but now I Continue reading

pirate ship

I have come to a conclusion …. bet you’re wondering what enlightenment I will give you today… If you are going to make a crazy schedule and plan all this stuff to do and make you kids study 10 hours a day  you might as well send them to regular school and let someone else worry about all that…. so I decided, since I had payroll, that we would watch movies all day,  take it easy, Continue reading