Merry Go Round Museum and wood carving artist

Do you remember the excitement as a child seeing the carousel and begging your mom to let you ride, just once? Close your eyes I’ll wait while you take yourself back in time Do you remember as a child the excitement as you climbed aboard a beautifully painted horse. The sound of the “oom pa pa” of the band organ playing, the crisp air, maybe the smell of cotton candy and seeing kids of all ages laughing as Continue reading

Physics, science and math with Mean Streak Henry at Cedar Point

I have to be honest. Until we got to Michigan, I had never heard of Cedar Point and had no idea that it is the number one roller coaster park in the US and Canada. Let me give you a minute to pick up your jaw off the ground…. Yep, never heard of it and never heard of Mean Streak Henry.  It is a celebrity in these parts. Mean Streak Henry lives at our park Continue reading