How can you tell if it is a boy horseshoe crabs

How can you tell if it is a boy horseshoe crabs? This is the one of many questions the girls asked. Today we went to Oatland Island and the fee to enter was free. There were lots of volunteers to teach about the wetlands. We learned about crabs, sharks, and fish. The kids learned that boy horseshoe crabs have boxer gloves on their front legs. They use there back legs to dig and move the dirt, they have gills, Continue reading

Oatland Island

For our field trip this week we decided to go to Oatland Island. It turned out to be toddler Tuesday so the lady at the front desk suggested that it would be more fun for us to walk the trails on our own than to go on the tour with the toddler group. We ended up walking half the park. As we walked I would stop and read the signs that told about each of Continue reading