Edible Science: Juice Taste Test

Edible Science is science you can eat, we hope.  Ok, maybe most things you can eat or drink in this case. We came up with a hypothesis: Can your nose smell as good as your tongue? Last week Edible Science experiment we learned about our taste buds. We thought this week we would learn about our nose.  We had a little fun trying to trick the kids with the Juice Taste Test. Juice Taste Test Continue reading

A Giraffe licked my nose

These are the pictures McKenzey took. A Giraffe licked my nose and I liked it. Giraffe tongue feels like a cat, rough and prickly, and it’s as long as my arm and purple, Yuck! Belle got licked by an animal from Scotland that looks like Justin Bieber and it was smooth and tickly. Vacation for me with lots learning The girls got to go on a car tour with their grandparents. They learned all about Continue reading