1st day radical unschooling

Yesterday we invited some friends to go skating at SK8city in Pooler.  I needed to talk to the manager about our upcoming homeschool Sk8 city event.  All the girls had a lot of fun and the best part is they played lots of games.  They played red light, green light and one of the girls one. The kids played a dice game, hockey poky (which was hilarious to watch), and they did an all kids Continue reading

Is TV better than school

Yes, anything is better than sitting in a desk at school for 8 hours. I had to do payroll so the girls watched 4 movies – Then when Michael got home we did 2 piano lessons, read 3 books, did 3 more pages on kenx, and looked at our flowers – So yes we waited till 6 to do any school work, but hey you can do that when you’re homeschooling or unschooling! Check out our Continue reading