What is Natural learning for homeschooling


What is Natural Learning or Unschooling?  It’s learning through their natural life experiences including play, game play, iPad apps, Computer games, library books and DVDs, world experiences, etc.  I am here to encourage people to look past main stream education, open their minds and hearts.  What is natural learning, or unschooling, that’s really hard to describe so I have included some links: 10 steps start Unschooling Unschooling in the Summer Fun School What is Unschooling 104 summer activities Check this out…. This young man talks about our natural curiosity and desire to learn and that college is not magically going Continue reading

Unschooling – fun schooling

We have been Unschooling for one and a half years…. This we be 2nd full year… The Girls and I have grown a lot since the first day. I asked myself many times if I was just crazy, can I keep doing this, what the heck was I thinking, don’t kid yourself I still ask myself those same questions but now I know they are brighter, happier and so am I. We have learned how to get along as a family, how to realize that every day, even every minute can be a learning experience. We don’t need boring work Continue reading