Roadschool Adventure: Canaan State Park where we watched a snapping turtle lay eggs

Canaan State park is not only picturesque but filled with animals, lush forest and beautiful mountain views. Highlight of our mornings was swimming till lunch everyday in a heated pool overlooking the mountains (it was 45-65 degrees every morning). Our highlight of the week was watching a Snapping Turtle lay her eggs.  Consequently, the only down side to this park is high-speed 1G internet, but who needs Internet when you’re trying to relax. Have you ever seen a Continue reading

Orienteering – learning the competitive form of land navigation

Orienteering is a competitive form of land navigation.  The kids were taught how to do orienteering today and were given a little instruction on how to read a map, how to find North, South, East and West and how each direction has a number. The kids were asked what they might use if they got lost in a forest to find your way home and the kids said compass, GPS, land marks and map (if Continue reading