4H Scavenger Hunt

The girls love 4H and today was tons of fun because we learned about succession, and how each animal, plant needs the other to survive. Today we had a 4H Scavenger Hunt at Fort Pulaski. Each child was given 2 cards with a picture and a paragraph about the item that we all had to look for and when we found the item the child had to read the paragraph and point the item out to Continue reading

France Tour in Brest Brittany

The France Tour The France tour really began with a trip to Brest, Brittany(France) which is about an hour away from Moraiax, Brittany and is right on the coast. The girls and their cousins visited the aquarium in Breast, called the Oceanopolis Marine Aquarium.  They loved going from aquarium to aquarium looking at the vast array of sea life that the ocean has to offer.  More amazing still is when you realize that not everything in Continue reading

Cows taste best covered Pam

We entered a poem contest that the library was holding and you could win a $50 gift card to Target.  You had to write the poem on one page no more than 20 lines, use 5 words from a list they gave you, black or blue ink, typed and four copies.  The part Belle didn’t like is that you could have no pictures submitted with your poem, so she made a clay dragon for her Continue reading

Bug Painting Badges Girl Scout Badges

We had our second Girl scout meeting today with all five little girls.  This time we decided to work on the bug painting badges together.   I must say being a unschooler makes it very hard to get organized and be prepared before everyone shows up.   So right now the moms are winging it, and as long as the girls are together, I don’t think they have noticed that the moms have no idea Continue reading

21 questions about animals

They learned how to play 21 questions about animals at their zoo class and have been playing it all day. One person thinks of an animal, then the other people have to ask 21 questions to try to guess what animal they are thinking of. They start by general questions, like does it have fur, lay eggs, live on land, have gills, is it a mammal, reptile, ….. you get the idea…. we played this Continue reading

Vertebrates – Invertebrate different Homeschool Zoocademy

The girls went to their very first zoo class at Jacksonville zoo.  The Homeschool Zoocademy for students ages 5-18, covering a range of topics in Biology, Zoology, Environmental Science and Conservation. They had a ton of fun and her is a list of some of the things they learned today: The kids started by learning the difference in vertebrates and invertebrates. They learned about water and pollution and  how it affects animals. The kids visited in the butterfly garden (which was all the girls Continue reading