Summer day 18 become a spy for the day

become a spy

Have you ever wanted to become a spy and sneak around and see what everyone else is up to and not be caught by the neighbors or even your brother or sister?  Well, this is what the girls did today, they became spies.  How do you become a spy?? First you need lots of spy gadgets, which Huggy has collected for about a year now. Anytime we go to the store she wants spy gear Continue reading

Frida Kahlo – homeschool art projects

Art Projects for homeschooling included taking an art class from scribble art studio where we are doing a segment on Meet the masters.  This week we learned about Frida Kahlo and why she did so many self portraits and how she was able to have an exclusive show at the Louvre in Paris France. The girls were so excited because they have actually been to The Louvre in Paris France, and began telling everyone about Continue reading