Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse

Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore is one of the National Monuments that you have to see if you are visiting the Black Hills.   We stopped  and took several pictures and the girls came up with lots of questions about the monument which we googled when we got back home.   Why presidents head in a certain order?  Why were they facing the way they were? How much dynamite did it take to finish the project? How long did Continue reading

Solve case 8

Solve Case 8 agents, we need your help again!! This time in case 8, Dr. Hucklebuckle is getting silly and has stolen – well – you guys figure it out – I am still shaking my head with confusion!!  It is one of the biggest and have no idea why Dr. Hucklebuckle would need or want the thing she stole.  Feel out the comments and let us know the item she stole and where it Continue reading

Solve Case 7

Case 7 is one that I cannot figure out and we need your help agents.  Dr. Hucklebuckle is up to her old tricks and has once again stolen a very important part of history.  Watch the video kids and help us solve case 7, tell us the name of the item and what she stole.  Good Luck Agents!! The Answer to last week case  6 was….The Park Guell in Barcelona Well, she has returned the Park back Continue reading