Visit the hidden gem of Florida: Emerald Coast Wildlife Zoological Park

The Emerald Coast Wildlife Zoological Park may be one of the best hidden gems in Florida. This park is smaller than some zoos but cleaner than most. The care to rehabilitate these animals is evident throughout the park. This animals park is filled with native wild life and exotic animals all with their own story of why they were abandoned or abused. We started our exploration by feeding the farm animals, and the girls also got Continue reading

No hands were bitten off at the Deer Farm

deer farm

Have you ever heard of a deer biting off someone’s hand before?  Neither have I ….. I just thought it would be a fun title to get your attention about the Grand Canyon Deer Farm.  Actually they were very sweet deer and were super excited to see us because they knew they were going to get feed.  They were funny and would follow you around the path.  Belle said she felt like Santa. She would Continue reading