Unschooling at the gardens at the National Museum of the Great Lakes

Can you enjoy a visit to a museum without actually entering it?  Most of the time the answer  is: Yes! It happened to us today at the National Museum of the Great Lakes.  We had to go into town to get something for our camper at one of our favorite stores, Camping World. Since we were in town, we thought we would throw a little Unschooling into the mix and visit a museum. The first thing we Continue reading

Unschooling history, science and culture at Grand Rapids Public Museum

Most of the time when you think of a public museum, you think of outdated exhibits in a low-funded and dirty space.  This was far from the case when we visited The Grand Rapids Public Museum in Michigan.  It has three stories of amazing exhibits on history, science, and culture. As you enter the museum, the first thing you see is a huge skeleton of a whale that you can’t take your eyes off (which I Continue reading

Unschooling science and history at Potter Park Zoo and Shay Locomotive

Zoos are amazing places for children and adults because you get to see some animals you would never get to see otherwise.  Potter Park Zoo in Lansing, Michigan is home to 160 species of animals, many of which are threatened or endangered. Some of the animals we saw included amur tigers, red pandas, Bali mynah birds, snow leopards, tamarin monkeys, bongos, and more. The zoo was not one of the biggest that we have visited, but it Continue reading

Wooden shoes for American Girls dolls

I love taking tours and learning how things are made, and I love them even more when they are free, like the one today was.  We visited the DeKlomp Wooden Shoes and Delft Factory in Holland, Michigan. The tour started with the making of Dutch Pottery that takes a week to make and is hand painted right in the store. The lady in the first window explained how they pour the liquid clay into the Continue reading