STEAM Cardboard Projects for Barbie or Monster High Dolls

My girls are probably way too old to be playing with dolls since they are ten and eleven, but, really, how old is too old?  I encourage imaginative play because it  makes great writers, movie makers, Imagineers (Disney), or any design job.  We traveled for a year in an RV and made the girls get rid of all their play houses, little doll furniture, and any small pieces that they had lying around for Barbie, Monster Continue reading

Bamboo wind chimes – Fathers Day

We walk around the campsite a lot and talk to all the old people and people on real vacation.  The girls found a guy cutting down some of his bamboo and asked if we could have it. I found a project online to make a bamboo wind chime . The girls and I went to Lowe’s and got a saw and a drill for fathers day.  I decided that we could test out the drill Continue reading