We got our kicks on route 66 in the stone ages and more Roadside fun

route 66

More roadside fun, try to guess what landmarks we got to see.  The first clue is from a very famous movie about a cars and the phrase, “Get your kicks on Route 66”.  We drove …..name the city….. to see all the characters in the movie …..  Actually we have been having a lot of fun driving through different towns that the movie was based on.  While eating lunch at Route 66 sandwich shop, the cashier told us that her friends auto shop was the one they based it on in the movie and most of it was based right Continue reading

We learned how to read a map and practiced photography


Moving day is coming up so we thought we would get the girls to help plan our next leg of our adventure.  Moving day is when we move our 41 ft, 5th wheel to it’s next spot, sometimes this takes two days and sometimes only a couple of hours. Right now we are at an elevation of roughly 3400 feet in Roswell and want to get a little lower to get away from the potential of snow, freezing rain and freezing of our water in the RV. We did buy a heated water hose which has helped keep the water Continue reading

12 fun activities to do with Legos


We have been stuck in our little house on wheels because it has been raining for the past couple days so the girls decided they would do legos.  The girls started our Master builders and did 4-6 designer books to make cars, spaceships, space station, robots and a house. The girls had so much fun they are asking santa for robots that they can control with SCRATCH – a free programming language for kids. We came up with 10 fun activities that you can do with Lego’s. Practice Fractions Use Lego Math Follow Directions LEGO® Master Builder Academy Robot & Micro Continue reading

Which Pumpkin has the most pumpkin seeds – Scary Halloween Pumpkin Experiments

How many seeds in pumpkin

Sometimes it is hard as a homeschool parent or teacher to come up with great learning ideas.  You have to get very creative and this time I found a fun experiment that covers more than one area of study.  This Halloween science experiment is great because it teaches math, estimation, measuring, science, reading, and it is tons of fun! 1.  Find Perfect Pumpkin I started off the experiment by letting the kids choose 3 different size pumpkins, mainly because I thought they would very a lot in the number of seeds they held.  They chose the huge one, a white Continue reading

Mapping and surveying

mapping and surveying

Mapping and Survey class was a lot of fun. Mr. Dale Yawn meet our homeschool group at Forsyth Park to show us the basics of what a surveyor does. We learned that to be a surveyor you need to not only be really good at math but to also be really good at history. A surveyor makes maps, measure building, roads, sidewalks, monuments, rivers, mountains, swamps and even the Eiffel tower. They mostly use computers these days and use GPS tracking system to help them a lot to tell their location and distance. The kids got to use a theodolite to Continue reading

Co-op Autobiography and science

co-op 2

Today was our second day of Co-op and we started with a bang by having Gwen and Munchy doing book reports, learning and writing an autobiography, we did some Magic School Bus science and ended with swimming math. Gwen did a sensational job with her biography about Chester A. Author.  We were all very impressed because not only did she read the book, she also made cards for her book report. Munchy read her story and we went over what each one of the vocabulary words were in the back of the A Year on a Pirate Ship book.  I gave Continue reading

Our first day of Co-op

first day co-op

What is a homeschool Co-op?  A group of families that share a passion for learning at home.  Some groups get together several times a week and other meet once a month, depending on the group.  Our group will be getting together 2 times a week to go over english literature, science, math, social studies, history, arts, crafts, and what ever else we come up with. The main point is to let the girls get together and play and have fun learning.  We also plan on having field trips once a month or every other week. We started off by doing Continue reading

Board Game Day


Board game day is one of my favorite days. We play lots of different board games all day and practice math, spelling, magnetism, and learned about our 50 states. We laughed, giggled, stratigized and even played for M&M just to mix things up.   The first game we played was * YIKERZ GAME a game that can be played anywhere, in solo, head-to-head or team formats. There are over 20 custom board layouts and players can design their own. Yikerz is quick to learn but challenging to master.   Next we played Scrabble Apple, basically like Banana scrabble but you Continue reading