Hotdog Mummies

It’s Halloween and we made hotdog mummies for lunch the other day.  It really easy and fun for the kids Here is the quick recipe for it ….Hot Dog Mummies…and a video We also finished Marie Curie and the girls made me read the last 5 chapters of Vidia and the Fairy Crown – it got so exciting that the girls begged me to finish the story.  I am so happy theylike to read.  Off to the library Continue reading

Little Einsteins

This is really funny…. The girls did a video of the little Einsteins – and even has a good message at the end for the little kids. We read the 3rd chapter of Marie Curie…. Are they learning anything – I hope so – it depends if I can get them to sit down for the 10 minutes when I read and actually pay attention – ok do they really do that in regular school?? Continue reading