Do Motorcycle helmet make good homes

The best place for a nest is Munchy’s motorcycle helmet… She ran out to the garage get a hammer so we could pound open there Geodes.  Munchy ran back in the house and said “I see a stick by my helmet, and I think there is a nest.”  We all ran out to the garage and can you believe it there is a nest in her helmet.  I am so excited, sense something ate all Continue reading

Bird house – clear back observation

I am so excited about the new bird house we got, a bird house has a clear back. It attaches to the outside of the window and once a mama bird makes a nest and lays her eggs we can watch the babies from inside the house ( how cool is that). So far no mama bird have checked out our new bird house but I think it’s too early for nesting. I am thinking Continue reading

Mama bird thinks we took her eggs

mama eggs gone

Mama bird thinks we took her eggs. Today we went in to check on Mama bird and her little eggs. We excepted mama bird to be looking at us saying don’t get to close, everything was gone! We think either a snake or a raccoon got the mama and her eggs. There was a little blood on a leaf. So, we are not 100% sure if mama is still alive.  Egg shells and all are all Continue reading

Mama bird update with a sprinkle of science

Today I have mama bird update with a sprinkle of science. Mama bird has been sitting on her eggs for hours at a time. Meanwhile, she leaves early in the morning, to get food. The girls check on her every couple hours. They are anticipating the babies arrival. Snap Circuit Jr. Experiment We did another Snap Circuit jr experiment with a light and a fan. To show when you add another circuit it doesn’t have enough Continue reading