Boardgame Day can be fun for the whole family

Boardgame day

Boardgame day is our favorite days. We play lots of different board games all day and practice math, spelling, magnetism, and learned about our 50 states. We laughed, giggled, strategized and even played for M&M just to mix things up. The first boardgame we played was YIKERZ GAME a game that can be played anywhere, in solo, head-to-head or team formats. There are over 20 custom board layouts and players can design their own. Yikerz Continue reading

How to create a magnet fridge chore list

The magnet fridge chore list are everyday items and school stuff.  The girls have  to do it by the time daddy get home.  So far it is working great, and to really get them in the mood. I am either paying them ($) or giving them a pre-paid apple card or something from the fun box. I simply took magnet sheet.. made up a list, printed it out, cut out each job, and put in on the fridge.  The Continue reading

Experiments – Magnets

Who doesn’t love to play with magnets, so we got this book at the library along with a lot of other – but more about that later.  I made the girls sit and listen while I ead a couple of chapters – gave up on that and went right into the experimenting… I got both girls notebooks (which we almost lost twice) so they could write down their hypothesis and conclusions. first experiment … WHAT Continue reading