Pucker up – fly away

I think the girls have become great business women. Not only have we met kids around our house that we ask to come help us with the lemonade stand but they are making lots of money. I think the girls have more money in their wallets than I do right now. The fairy house has had lots of new visitors that have come to join the fairy house. There is a little girl that keeps Continue reading

MACbelle Lemonade stand open

Well it open, Lemonade stand, open most days and only if it’s not raining. The lemonade stand is no open if we want to go swimming or think it too hot.  Some days we are just bored because no one has bought anything in the last 10 minutes. Our fourth time doing business we sold lemonade and pineapple and made $23. At their lemonade stand, the girls are learning how to talk to customers and deal Continue reading

Sweet Lemonade Stand

What a better way to start off the summer.  Then to have a sweet  Lemonade stand in our new freshly landscaped yard.  We got our yard landscaped by LAWN BULL landscaping service. They did an excellent job of cleaning away the mess.  They cleaned out all the weeds and yucky stuff that has been growing for several years.  Every car that came kept giving the guys the thumbs up and the girls got so excited they thought we Continue reading