Top ten kids approved Travel items for Unschool/homeschool or Road Schooling

Thinking of taking a vacation, traveling full-time or just need an idea of what you should buy to start homeschooling.  I have made a list (kid approved) of all the items you might like to get you started. Apple iPad mini, iPad 2, and iPad air are the top electronic devices you will want if you plan on traveling. Not only can you lots of educational games for FREE or as little as $0.99 but you can down Continue reading

Art, Legos, seahorses – David Beckham

Mirror mirror on the wall who has the prettiest mirror of all…. I say dear girl, It’s hard to choose when they are both as pretty as you… Belle read a book on Seahorses and here are her facts… McKenzey read Belle and I a book on David Beckham…. So here are all the facts on him and some soccer facts also….. The girls also made a pirates of the Caribbean Lego set. We took Continue reading