Unschool Question: Should you homeschool all year or take the summer off

I have asked myself this very question many times. Should you homeschool all year or should you take the summer off? Honestly, you should do what ever works best for your family. Our family does school all year but we relax a little during the summer. Should you homeschool all year or take the summer off Relaxing to us mean we might not do math for a month or when we finish reading a book Continue reading

Let the Summer Madness Begin

Diamond Lake

Summer Madness you say, what crazy shenanigans could the McIntyre’s be getting into this summer.  Well for one we are camp hosting or volunteering at Diamond Lake State Park.  Which means we will be in one spot for six months. This also means I will probably only post once a week since the internet is almost nonexistent here. Camp hosting or volunteering in a State park in a National Forest is a pretty easy job.  You answer Continue reading

Can anyone learn program a Mindstorm robot?

learn code

Can anyone learn program a Mindstorm robot? Have you ever wondered what age you should start teaching your little one computer science?  Believe it or not you can start teaching them as early as first grade.  Code.org is the reason that kids of all ages can do code that’s exciting to everyone.  The girls have been very excited about learning code and have been doing a couple of hours worth every morning.  We have also Continue reading

12 fun activities to do with Legos

We have been stuck in our little house on wheels because it has been raining for the past couple days so the girls decided they would do legos.  The girls came up with 12 fun activities to do with Legos and started our Master builders and did 4-6 designer books to make cars, spaceships, space station, robots, and a house. The girls had so much fun they are asking Santa for robots that they can Continue reading

Lego Class Art Thursday

Today we went to Lego class with all of our homeschool friends.  The kids met a little early and played in the gym for a bit till class started.  The kids had a lot of fun playing basketball, soccer, running and hot potato. Lego class was lots of fun for all of the kids, we did 2 projects today.  They broke the kids into groups of 2 so that everyone would get a chance to Continue reading

Homeschool class on space and Steam class using legos

Homeschool class was on space and a Steam class using Legos. We started today at the Salvation Amy  where Mr. Walter from the library did a presentation on the solar system.  I asked the girls what they learned and they came up with 10 things: There would have been 20 planets but Pluto had a couple of dwarf buddies and we can’t count those as planets There is no such thing as the dark side of Continue reading