Can I use Audio Books in my Unschool Curriculum?

free audio books

Can Homeschooled children or Unschoolers use Audio Books in their curriculum? As far as I am concerned if it fits into your curriculum and works well with your family you can use anything.  Most of all if it helps get your child become excited about reading.  I have two little girls and they both hate to read.  I blame the private school that we send them to.   So, I came up with a great idea to Continue reading

Road Trip Teacher and Unschooling Curriculum on the Black Hills

We are a unschooling family and normally do not use a unschooling curriculum but I like to shake things up every now and again.  We have been in the Black Hills for the last week and I thought it would be fun to reinforce what we have learned by using the Road Trip Teacher Study Guide.  The study guides are a great addition for those families that are traveling full-time, taking small vacations this summer or studying Continue reading

Story of how Petrified Wood was made

petrified forest

We visited the petrified forest walked the trail and did the Jr. Ranger Program.  The girls learned about dinosaurs, and how the forest was petrified.  We learned why all the petrified wood had so many beautiful colors.  This is an amazing place and is a must see not only for history and science. Munchy and  Huggs creative story of how petrified forest was made: Many moons ago when the smurfs came to be they found giant Continue reading

Library books – June

Books Ariel – The Shimmering Star Necklace    by Gail Herman Baby Dolphin’s First Day  by Connie Roop Monkeys  by DK Publishing Fire Trucks  by Joanne Randolph The Magic School Bus – Inside the Earth  by Joanna Cole and Bruce Degen Princess Gift  by Martha and Mitch Weiss Mummies – Amazing history  by John Malam Butterfly House  by Eve Bunting Monarch Butterflies – A New True Book Video Pippi Longstocking – high sea adventure Disney – History Connections – Colonial Continue reading

Books April

Here are the books and movies we got at the library today to read next month… Three pandas. By Jan Wahl Big George, How a shy boy became president Washington. By Matt Phelan Tadpole Rex. By Kurt Cyrus The Crossing. By Jim Murphy Connecticut. By Susan Evento Santa is Coming to Town. By Sierra Harimann John Tyler. By Steven Ferry Jingle Bells By. John Harris Skippy Jon Jones in Dog House. By Judy Schachner A Continue reading


Yep I am making the girl write thank you cards to all of her friends that came to the party.  It’s good practice for spelling and  penmanship.  So far we have only done half but my goal is to get the girls to finish by this weekend, and mailed – We are also drawing tree pictures – there is a contest I found on the South Carolina Homeschool website for making a new SC plate Continue reading