How to sneak in a little history on your summer vacation: Fort Hays

Summer is almost upon us and the question on every parents mind is: “How do I incorporate  a little learning in with our summer vacations?” Summer is a time to sit back enjoy a nice cup of lemonade, the outdoors, and spend time with those wonderful kids.  Every family loves going on vacation to visit family, business trips with mom or dad, or just for fun.  How do you make sure those little minds stay sharp in Continue reading

Roadside Fun Trivia: Name the largest freestanding bronze sculptures in the world

Imagine lining up for the race of your life and over 50,000 other people with horses, buggies all lined up for the same race trying to get the same thing.  This land was taken from the Indians and will now be given to the pioneers and is said to be the best unoccupied public land in the United States..  The gun sounds and you ride like you never have before in your life and are Continue reading

Our Adventures at Castle Rock

Castle Rock is an adventure like no other we have ever been on.  There are a few things you will need to get to castle rock: directions,  a camera, and a big honking truck.  It is a very bumpy ride but with no rain you will make it their just fine.  It’s  actually near Quinter, Kansas, a small quite town off a dirt farm road. The best thing about Quinter is that on the way out of town Continue reading

Learn how to be part of History: Annual Re-Ride of the Pony Express

Have you ever want to be part of history or get a piece of mail that was part of history?  Today is your chance if you act now, before June 1 st.  You can send a commemorative letter by PONY EXPRESS from St. Joseph, Missouri to Old Sacramento, California.  Follow the progress of the 10 day ride as mail is carried by horseback by over 700 riders and follow their progress on Facebook and Twitter. We Continue reading