Jim Henson Part 3

We finished the Jim Henson book. Here is some fun facts we learned: He like to spend a lot of time with his children Got interested in animatronics In early 1980’s he made the Dark Crystal but was a huge flop  The Dark Crystal had no real people in movie Made Fraggle Rock for kids Next he made Labyrinth which was also a flop He died of pneumonia and kids of world were very sad learned about Continue reading

Untypical Unschool Day: Grocery Math, science, PE and Reading

Untypical Unschool Day where we do grocery Math, science, PE, and Reading. No day is ever the same and we never know what we are going to do until the day begins. I start the day by telling them if we have an appointment. Then I give them a couple ideas of what we can do. I let them decide. Today, we had to go grocery shopping, had a tumbling class, and rest they decided. Continue reading

Fun facts about Jim Henson part 1

Today was all about my favorite author and learning fun facts about Jim Henson. I loved Kermit the frog and the muppets growing up.  So the girls and I decided that we would learn about how he created the muppets. What drove him to be a puppeteer and how he created some of his amazing puppets and make them come to life. These are all the facts so far: Man who created the muppet Family Continue reading