Jim Henson Part 3

We finished the Jim Henson book. Here is some fun facts we learned: He like to spend a lot of time with his children Got interested in animatronics In early 1980’s he made the Dark Crystal but was a huge flop  The Dark Crystal had no real people in movie Made Fraggle Rock for kids Next he made Labyrinth which was also a flop He died of pneumonia and kids of world were very sad learned about Continue reading

Unschooling Grocery Math, science, PE and Reading

Today started with Tumbling, and then a fun trip to the grocery store where we did Grocery Math. Nothing like starting a nice cool morning with a bike ride to the marina where we read more about Jim Henson. Then we did a tumbling class at Val’s Tumbling gym on Wilmington Island. I thought it would be a little babyish for the girls but they really seemed to like it and the teacher let the big Continue reading

Fun facts about Jim Henson part 1

Today was all about my favorite author and learning fun facts about Jim Henson. I loved Kermit the frog and the muppets growing up.  So the girls and I decided that we would learn about how he created the muppets. What drove him to be a puppeteer and how he created some of his amazing puppets and make them come to life. These are all the facts so far: Man who created the muppet Family Continue reading