Awesome library books to learn about alligators and French

Library books are Awesome! We have found so many resources at the awesome library books, We got a french DVD to learn french (Uncle Tom and my brother will be so proud). A French cat in the hat dictionary and we check out 10 books more books to read this week. The girls love the french CD so much they have been asking me to play it every morning. McKenzey also started asking me about alligators. Continue reading

Day 5 unschool

Day 5 Unschool , started by playing Zoodels for a while this morning, then Mac read Thumbelina by Hans Christian Anderson. Belle played the Barbie game, and Mac played a really cool solar system game on our iPad. We haven’t decided if we want to buy that one. The most fun we had been doing some more building on the kenz roller coaster – it’s coming along.  Mac did her 4th piano lesson – she is Continue reading