brain quest workbook

We did more workbooks pages…. Mac had to read a story and then answer several questions, which she needed some help on but did pretty good and then she did math word problems.  Belle did 2 pages on ending sounds of words.  They worked on there Ipad for a bit and then we went to the library. After we got home we watched BIll Nye the Science Guy – this time we watched a video Continue reading

Day 6 learn something everyday

We are turning into rednecks.  Check out the Mcintyre girl’s cool hats!!! We decided we needed to learn a little about hats and where they came from and why people where them. Everyday we can learn something ….  Let see…. Mac likes watching the solar system movie on Zoodles (that is on the iPad), and Belle’s favorite game is Animal Jam, she loves learning about animals, and she has 20 friends now. I am impressed Continue reading