oooey gooey spiders – Bill Nye science guy

What is the best way to learn about oooey gooey spiders… Bill Nye the Science Guy’s Big Blast of Science, one of the movies we got at the library. After we found some old Halloween science experiments that I got at the dollar store. The girls read the instructions and the spider, eggs and the huge eye-ball has been sitting in water for a week. I got the girls to think about why the water made the items grow, we all guess how big we thought they would get, what would happen when we took them out of the water. Continue reading

Savannah Bee Company

I am trying to take the girls once a week on a field trip, since my foot (or ankle) is working a lot better….. SO this week we went to the Savannah Bee Company.  They have four stores, one on Broughton street (first and biggest one), River street (smallest), Wilmington Island (bottling plant), and one in Charleston.  We went to the one on Broughton street, and it was really neat. They let the girls try every single kind of honey they sale, which was a lot!!. They also sale books, shirts, hats, hand wash, body products, and art.  They also had Continue reading

Frogs Eat Lunch

Belle asked the question do Frogs eat lunch and dinner like us….. So we looked it up on a fancy iPad and here is what we found out.. Postcard Tuesday… We wrote postcards to two people each and this time the girls drew pictures of baby animals.  I still have to find envelopes and stamps but hopefully they will be mailed soon.  We are trying to get to everyone, so bare with us…  This helps with spelling, and writing…