Happy 10th Birthday

We had Munchy’s 10th birthday party with all of the Ghoul Scouts today at our house. I was told at least 20 times today that this was the best birthday ever!!  What makes a successful party, have something that the kids can blow up.  We started our day off by making cupcakes, and cinnamon rolls out of croissants.  Then we play Disney monopoly and cleaned the house a bit.  We started the party with Oobleck, which Continue reading

cave drawing found – French history

French History The girls took turns reading a book on French History, Discovery in the Cave.  It was about the cave drawing found by four boys and a dog in 1964 in the forests of Lascaux,France. There are four man rooms of the cave, the walls were white and believe they were drawn around 16,000 BC.  Here is the girls take on this neat book on French History. Biography on Ben and Jerry Ice cream Continue reading

Icecream Brownie Birthday cake

My little girl is 9 years old today and we made Ice cream birthday cake Here are the easy steps…. Put 2 pieces of aluminum wrap on the inside of one cake pan Set your ice cream out for about 30 minutes – to let it melt a bit Scoop ice cream into cake pan smooth the top so it’s level Put Press and seal on top of ice cream and put in freezer Cook Continue reading

Can you homeschool at Disney?

Can you homeschool at Disney? The happiest place on earth is one of the most educational parks. The Disney Imagineers work endlessly on making the parks not only fun but educational. Today McKenzey turned 8. So, we went to the happiest place on earth to celebrate her birthday. We visited three parks on Saturday and had a blast First stop, Hollywood Studios Our first park was Hollywood Studio is best known for its thrilling rides, Continue reading