How to Organize All Your Great Ideas with the Help of Pinterest

I get asked a lot how I get my ideas for Unschooling, because unlike traditional school there is no ‘how to’ manual.  Unschooling is self-directed learning or child-led learning in which the child decides what they want to learn and how they want to learn it.  As a parent/teacher I don’t teach them everything, but I do lead them in the right direction, help them find the answers they seek, and guide them into learning what Continue reading

Monster High Beds made by hand

How do you make furniture for your dolls if you are not allowed to buy any from a store. Well if you are an unschooler you google it and find a video on YouTube just like Huggs did.  She not only found “How To” video oh how to make these bed she talked her Grandpa and Granny into helping her.     This week was Huggs 10th birthday and my parents were able to meet us in Continue reading

How do you begin unschooling?


You’re here because you are considering homeschooling or unschooling and want to know how to begin unschooling.  I would guess you are fed up with the school system, had a teacher that you butted heads with or you child just didn’t get along, or (like me) you were working long hours and coming home and felt like you were the one teaching your child.  I was doing all the projects for my kids because they Continue reading


The girls and I made angel food pineapple cake treat in a matter of minutes.  Then we looked up on the internet to see shy the pineapple juice started to bubble when added to the angel food cake.  Look it up make a great science experiment.   ANGEL FOOD PINEAPPLE CAKE Print ANGEL FOOD PINEAPPLE CAKE Prep time:  2 mins Cook time:  25 mins Total time:  27 mins Ingredients 1 can of crushed pineapple 1 Continue reading