Home for Retired Legends and Great Athletes

Have you ever wondered where great athletes go to retire? I’m talking about racing horses that make million of dollars for their owners. In the past, these athletes sold for as little as $1,000 and were sent to slaughterhouses.  It was heartbreaking to hear these amazing animals were being discarded and thrown away as soon as they quit winning races or producing offspring. This was so upsetting to Michael Blowen that he started a non-profit farm for these amazing Continue reading

7th Ranch is a little slice of heaven in the middle of Little Big Horn Battle Field

7th Ranch

The 7th Ranch RV Park and Little Big Horn The 7th Ranch RV park is a little slice of heaven and right next to Little Big Horn. This RV park and working Ranch was the most relaxing and scenic place we have visited.  It is apparent that the owners care for the park and the animals on the ranch.  We were at their soft opening which was fine with us because we had the whole Continue reading

Eyes Doctor and a trip to the library

eye doctor

Today we went and saw the eye doctor and McKenzey and I had our eye’s checked. Belle and Mac asked lots of questions about the different tools that the eye doctor used. They both thought the machine that he used to see if my vision had changed was really cool. A trip to the Library After a fun visit to the eye doctor, the girls asked to go to the library. Belle’s reading is improving. Continue reading